Friday, July 2, 2010

W-A-I-T-I-N-G again

i called my endocrinologist's office today. the nurse was supposed to call me,but i was afraid she would call my cell phone( i can not get service on my cell out here in the "boonies"). it seems that i am just going to have to wait some more to even find out if my treatment can be done at a semi-local hospital. the nurse said that they had to call the hospital and see if they can even do the treatment the way they want it done.(?) now, i appreciate being careful, but i already called the hospital and talked to the nuclear medicine staff. i also know two people who had their I-131 treatment and scans done there. i know that i am not the only patient my endo  is taking  care of, but i sure would like to move along on this! this is sort of hanging over my head, so to speak. i want to get it over with, and move on to the next thing. at work, they want to know when i will be taking some more medical leave of absence. i really do not know what to tell them. first my endo has to agree to this,then the hospital has to set up an appointment with one of the nuclear medicine doctors.then, the billing office has to do a prior authorization for my thyrogen injection,then we have to make appointments for my injections,I-131 treatment and finally, the whole body scan. are you as tired as i am yet??

to the good news, tomorrow is my son's birthday. all of my children are coming home, and we are having a birthday picnic to celebrate! i finally got going( i slept really late this morning- i wonder if they need to adjust my medicine, or am i just in a funk?) and i made a homemade birthday cake for him. i also made a double batch of tea and lemonade. we are having grilled chicken with some sides. i know i have said this before, but i really appreciate time with my family( my dad is coming,too) and good food!! yeah!

i hope everyone has a great fourth,too. when my son was little, he asked me why he was not born on the fourth. i said,well,sweetie, we  need two days to celebrate your birthday. on the last day, we have fireworks!

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