Thursday, July 8, 2010

two days down, just twelve cheeseless days to go

i have made it two whole days on this diet! whew, it is hard. i made roasted red potatoes last night, and before i knew it, i picked up my sea salt and salted them but good. i had to rinse  them off, and start again. i put away all of my salt shakers, and large container of salt, so i would not mess things up again.i only have my non-iodized salt out now. the cookbook says that one day of mistakes can wipe out the entire two weeks on the diet. that is a scary enough thought to keep me  on track.

i made the "great granola" and i think it turned out pretty good. i am going to add some more unsalted nuts and more raisins next time, but overall i think that it is something i will make after i get off the diet. it will probably be a while,though, because i have had it like 5 times already. the worst thing( well, the worst thing is the lack of dairy- maybe i am addicted to cheese or something) is the preparation. having to work-  especially tonight- i worked 12pm to 9pm and then tomorrow i have to double-back and work 8am to 5pm. that makes cooking from scratch a little difficult. i am going to have to go on a cooking marathon this weekend. soups, chicken and muffins maybe.most of the recipes say that they freeze well, so i can hopefully plan ahead for next week.

i meet with my radiologist, or nuclear medicine physician, i am not sure of the correct name, this coming monday. he will go over more of my treatment with me. i have bought some disposable gloves- i could not get the heavy duty ones because i am allergic to latex. maybe they will be o.k. i have also purchased some disposable plates,eating utensils, and napkins. they are biodegradable , compostable and least that is what the package said. they are made from sugar cane fiber. i am not just glowing, i am glowing green!!!hahaha, could not resist.

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