Thursday, July 22, 2010

" It's not easy being green..." ( Kermit the frog) or radioactive either, for that matter.

there was a fierce battle going on in my body was the Jedi knights ( I-131) yielding their swords against the sinister storm troopers( cancer cells). i know this because i did get some nausea( it did not last long, and the coca cola did the trick) also, i felt like i had a fever- my head was hot, but also both of my arms- from my shoulders to the tips of my fingers. i had not read about this anywhere. i wonder if anyone else has noticed this, or something similar?? my neck hurt where my thyroid used to be- go Jedi knights! i figure the I-131 and some remaining cancer cells were/are  duking it out. it is a strange feeling,though.

today, the nausea is gone. but, i still have that "full" sort of feeling in my neck. also, i guess   my salivary glands ( the area between my ears and jaws) are sort of swollen and very tender to the touch. i am drinking sour lemonade like crazy, but i will see how it goes. if it gets much worse, i might check in with the wizard. i am not sure what can be done about it, but i might call him just in case. i am not complaining about this- i am just documenting it for someone else who may be curious. i really did not know what to expect- that was difficult for me. i like to be informed. everyone is different,though. sara rosenthal, who authored " The Thyroid cancer book", and is a thyroid cancer survivor herself, said that she did not have any side effects. go sara.  i think that probably everyone,though, has at least a small thing or two going on. i just keep thinking that Jedi knights are better than storm troopers any day, and that in the end good will

 before i got home from the hospital yesterday, my husband picked some of the flowers that he had planted for me, and put them, along with a very sweet card, in my bedroom. it is things like this that keep me going. he is trying his best to cook a little for me. he puts my food on the staircase landing and runs! i am not very hungry,though. i am saving up, i guess, for the HUGE cheese pizza that we plan to have on Saturday. also, i have stashed a few chocolate bars away for Saturday. if i am not careful, i will gain some of the weight i lost back!! 

wish me luck tomorrow. i have to inquire about the "pregnancy status" of the med tech who will be drawing my blood. ( i can hear her thinking, "what, do i look pregnant??!!") then i have to tell her to draw my blood as quickly as she can- i do not think that she can do it from six feel away, do you? all and all this could be pretty awkward. it should make for a good story,though.


  1. You are hilarious! The "what, do I LOOK pregnant?" part reminds me of when my hubby asked my nurse when she was due...NOT!!
    Never heard of any reaction in arms like you've had. I sure had the swelling in the neck & the wizard told me to take ibuprofen & drink tons of water which caused instant vomiting but thankfully I made it to the toilet & didn't have to hazmat my carpet. It did work, but my poor hubby ended up sleeping on the floor outside my room so I could throw a shoe at him if the swelling took my airway. It certainly took my voice away for 3 frightening days. Hopefully your reaction will be lighter. I love how you're planning your first indulgence of pizza & chocolate. You go, girl!!! What a sweet hubby you have, too. It must be hard for them. Keep that jedi warrior stuff going!!! More the merrier. Thanks for taking time to post how you're doing!

  2. ok, wondering how you are doing. Been thinking of you and praying for you all day. Hope you are feeling strong and almost through this battle!