Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"that zumba makes me crazy, that zumba makes me crazy, that zumba makes me crazy,etc. " the that zumba makes me crazy song ? artist(s)t

we do a dance number to a song called, i will assume," that zumba makes me crazy". actually, that zumba keeps me from going crazy. if i had only known that  regular exercise, rather cardio-ish, could make me feel so good, i would have started this years ago. oh, i have always walked. there are lots of places to walk/hike around where i live. when my children were young, though, the walk went something like this: walk two feet, pick up a stick. walk two more feet, discard stick( or give it to mom) and pick up a precious rock. we made a turtle look speedy. and i have never been into " power walking". not that i am poking fun- whatever makes you happy exercise wise, is good.

love those endorphins, love those zumba belly scarves, the music, the dancing! who cares if the person right behind me is 25 years younger than me, wears a sports bra and pants that barely cover her, well, parts. as i have said before, enthusiasm goes a long way. besides, the woman in front of me has about 20 years on me and she can do a pretty good booty circle, by the way. whatever exercise that you choose, it can only help- especially those of us with thyroid disorders. it improves mood( my husband is cheering now) helps us with our weight issues( i won't go there) and for me, has helped me get my strength back. i mentioned this in one of my first blogs, but right after my surgery/I-131 i did not have enough strength to pick up my dogs water bowl! that was a turning point for me- hey, they were thirsty- and i decided that i needed to fix things. i have my daughter to thank for encouraging me to go to a live zumba class. the dvds are good at first- just so you do not look so much like a deer in the headlights at your first live class. but, really, being in a class with other people is so much more fun. even if we do occasionally do the texas two step, or whatever that was.

this is week two on my LID. i prepared better, food wise, this time. so, i have lost some weight, but not as much as i had imagined. o.k. hoped. i have lost about 5 pounds so far- not too bad. i have only been really, really hungry a couple of times. unsalted, brown rice cakes to the rescue- yeah. i have been sort of on a roller coaster, emotionally,though. i have been angry at times( when is the testing going to end?) and at times sad( what if something is wrong?) i try just to go on with my new normal life, but i can not help but be a little anxious about the test. my doctor said that she would wait until all the test results are back before she calls me with any results. the blood work takes the longest time to get back- about ten days or so. then she is supposed to call me. as you may know, she called me at work to tell me i had cancer. i had to go home of course.i am sure that i will be at work this time,too.hopefully, i will not have to go home this time.

just so you know, last week we had a substitute instructor  for our zumba class. my daughter and i did not get to save a horse, but maybe when she visits at the end of august, we can.


  1. I actually tried a little bit of the Zumba on wii today but it just wasn't the same so I am going to try and go to a class this evening. I agree with you it is so much better live!!! I understand your frustration with test and going to the doctor, and waiting, it is so hard to be patient and worry free. Try your best to not focus on it and hang in there!!

  2. Ok, so you have me wanting to go back to zumba. Last time was last Fall, and now I'm hoping my broken foot is healed enough to accommodate the punishment.
    Way to go on the weight loss, that's pretty miraculous. I'm really impressed! Thanks for your encouragement and keep up the good work!
    We will all celebrate with you when you get your test results, and even when you can have a glass of wine again!!!

  3. Great that you are losing weight on the LID. I didn't. I think that's because it wasn't too different from the way we normally eat-other than the dairy restriction.

    I haven't tried the zumba yet. I've spent this week clearing out my studio area, and I think I may have room to do the dancing now. I just have to get Bob (my husband) to bring in the spare tv and dvd player, then I'll give it a try. It does sound fun.

    As always I'm sending prayers that your tests will show no cancer. Oh yeah, I think wine is ok on LID. My cookbook from the Thyca.org website said it was ok. Check to be sure though.

    Good luck on your tests.

  4. Hmm ya'll put an idea in my head. I am wondering if a Zumba and wine combination might be fun!! I seriously might try that some time have a glass of wine and then go to Zumba in the evening ha ha, I am just curious to see if can Zumba better. I will be sure to blog about it if I ever do ha ha.

  5. zumba on you guys! wine sounds nice,lol. thanks for your good wishes, and i will keep you informed of how the testing goes next week. i will not have any results for a while, but i am sure that i will have a good story or two. thanks again!