Monday, July 19, 2010

" Follow the, follow the, follow the,follow the,follow the yellow brick road!" ) The Wizard of Oz

well, i did not get to see the wizard today- that will be on Wednesday, when i get the RAI. what i did do today was to follow the yellow brick road all around the hospital. i went to radiology, and the scarecrow did my chest x-ray. then to another part of radiology, where, luckily i got Glinda, instead of the wicked witch of the west, to give me my thyrogen injection. i have not had an injection in my "buttocks" in years! when i was little, i used to get a lot of sore throats, and my doctor always ordered up a huge ( exceptionally huge when you are five years old) injection of penicillin. it got so when i was sick, i would try to hide behind the curtains in the den when i was told i had to go to the doctor. ( too bad they were sheers!) in case anyone wants to know, the thyrogen injection  did not hurt much at all- just a little sting, especially when the medicine went in. it helps to " relax" if you can. i have to get another one tomorrow, in the other side, and i am not dreading it at all. i have been exceptionally tired today,though. i am not sure if this had anything to do with the injection, or the fact that i worked all week-end. i guess i can better assess that tomorrow, after i have rested tonight.

anyway, after the injection, i went to the lab to have blood drawn. i am not sure which character fits the medical technician--- she was nice enough, but i have a pretty big black and blue spot on my arm. i have to go back on Friday, to get more blood work done. oh well, at least they will be able to see where they stuck me previously. hopefully she can work around it. she had better not look at the veins on my hands! 
i have been trying to get my room prepared for Wednesday.i have a small refrigerator upstairs for water and lemonade. i know that i will forget to do something( i guess this is where the disposable gloves will come in handy) i am planning on not coming downstairs unless my husband is gone to work. and even then, for the first three days especially, i am going to make it quick.

i got my family doctor to phone me in some medication for nausea. i sure hope i do not need it; it is better to have on hand since i heard some people get nauseous. of course i have my own remedy for nausea- passed down from my mom: coca cola in those little glass bottles!! it really seems to work.

back to oz tomorrow. it really seems that i am not in Kansas anymore.

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