Saturday, February 6, 2016

today i had to dance !

today, i have had happy feet. that just has  not been  the case for so very long. having had my thyroid removed from having thyroid cancer, and then having breast cancer on top of that,  has been almost over the top for me. anyone with a thyroid problem, or those who do not have a thyroid, know how hard it is just to get out of bed sometimes- even on a "good day". i have been fighting my  breast cancer with everything that i have. but it has sort of been like i started out in a hole, so to speak. none of my doctors or nurses told me that it would be a little more difficult to go on this unexpected breast cancer journey, when my car was already low on fuel. of course, i should have allowed for this, but i always seem to forget that i have a new normal now.

that said, today was a very good day. i am beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel. the infection in my chest is almost gone, and my energy level has begun to pick up some. that was one of the things that i have worried about as far as going back to work. i mean, there are no nap times at work. what if i can not do it? i really will not know for sure until i try, i guess, but i have a little more hope today. i have about ten days left until i have to make a definite decision about work. and it will probably go down to the wire. this has been so difficult!

putting the breast cancer issue aside for a minute, wish i could, when you have a thyroid problem you have very, very low energy. as i have said before, thyroid supplements are nice, but whether it is a synthetic hormone or a naturally derived one, there is no substitute  for a healthy, functioning thyroid. there are other very important things that thyroid patients should do. one of them, as i was reminded by one of my best friends, is to check your vitamin b-12 level. B-12 is associated with metabolism, immune function, and nerve function.  if this is low, then you need to supplement- injections are probably  the best way to get it. but if you are tired of needles, like me, the next best way is by sub lingual tablets. oral tablets have a very hard time being absorbed, or getting through our digestive systems. i  have learned something new today about sub lingual b-12 tablets. seems they are not all equal. our body( specifically our liver) converts the cyanocobalmin form of b-12 to the active form of b-12 which is methylcobalamin. if our liver is on top of things, then this would probably not be too much of a problem. but as we age (!) things get more complicated. long story short, it would probably be more beneficial to get the methylcobalamin tablets. only problem is that the only place that i have found to get these ( yes, even walmart does not have them) is on line.

i am rather cautious when it comes to vitamin supplements. i like to go with a national brand, like nature made or nature's bounty. i want to make sure about how a product is made. is it consistent from batch to batch? how safe are the company's  manufacturing practices? where is it manufactured? these things are important to me. i also need to have medicine that is free of sulfite preservatives- that is a whole other blog!

another important concern for thyroid patients, and all cancer patients really  is maintaining an adequate vitamin D level. when i was first diagnosed with thyroid cancer, my vitamin D level was almost zero. vitamin D plays an important role in keeping our bones healthy, but it also has a major role in keeping our immune systems healthy. i have read some interesting studies concerning vitamin D and longevity in cancer patients. personally, i take prescription strength vitamin D. most people do fine on the over the counter types, but everyone needs to have their vitamin D levels checked at least yearly. and of course, talk with your doctor about supplementation of vitamin D. she/he can advise you if you need supplementation, and what type would be best for you.

so today,  as i was working in the kitchen, i had music playing. it was a special cd that my son gave me for Christmas. some of you may be familiar with the musical group, "arrogance". they were my favorite band when i was in college at UNC-chapel hill. i am dating myself here, but i just loved their music. i found myself dancing, and out of breath, but having a good time. while i know that i can not go back to zumba (yet) i still love to dance. i was so happy to be able to shake a leg or two for a change. i feel like there is hope, and for the first time in a long time, i feel like i am going to get better.