Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Laughter really is the best medicine!

i had a great day today. it was my only day off this week, and i got to go to the dentist with my son.( he was the one in the chair, not me!) he drove home- he lives about 2 & 1/2 hours away, and then we drove another hour and a half to our dentist. it is a drive, but worth it. our dentist and his staff are all great. on the way there, he told me jokes and we talked about so many things. i laughed and laughed. it reminded me of when he was the " only one at home", his older sister having gone off to college. my son and i would have " just the two of us " days. we would go see a movie, go shopping,etc. it was great. i really miss those days, but it makes me cherish the ones that i have now even more.

the LID is going pretty well. i have a lot of food allergies, so i am used to being somewhat restricted on the foods that i can eat. if i could only have cheese, it would not be bad at all. i highly recommend that anyone having to be on this diet should buy the cookbook i mentioned earlier in one of my blogs. i do not think that i could have done this without it. i read over it several times so that i would be familiar with the restrictions. also, i highlighted recipes that looked good to me. i am going to have to cook several things on tuesday of next week- the day before my RAI. i have to be on the diet for 48 hours after my treatment, and i may not feel ( and i do not want to expose my husband) like being in the kitchen.

i will be living upstairs after my RAI. i will be staying in my son's bedroom which has its own bathroom.. i am going to buy one of those plastic mattress covers and buy some cheap sheets that i can dispose of after i am safe. i also may try to wear some clothes( for the first 48-72 hours) that i can throw away,too. i am going to really clean my son's bathroom after this is over. i plan on disinfecting everything! the radiologist said that i would have to wait 2 weeks and 2 days before i could wash my clothes and my husbands in the same washing machine. i also have to wait 2 weeks to throw my garbage away. i guess the disinfecting everything is just to make me feel better. you just have to wait for the I-131 to break  down, i guess you might say. i know that i will forget to do certain things; i have been trying to think this whole process through. i have to admit it will be better at home than being in the hospital.

i would like to thank my son again for a day filled with laughter and really is the best medicine for me right now.thanks sweetie!!

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