Thursday, July 29, 2010

" For i must be traveling on, now 'cause there's too many place i've got to see..........won't you fly high, free bird,yeah?" Lynyrd Skynyrd

i got out for a walk today.( the birds seemed to be o.k. with this) i have missed walking, but i have to work back up to what i was doing before the surgery. i took about a mile walk ( more like a stroll, i guess). it was beautiful. i took my dogs along, and i walked early so my husband could come before he had to go to work. i am so fortunate to live out in the country - i can take a long walk whenever i am not working. i really am enjoying this time off from work now. before i was so nauseated that i could not leave the bed for long, but now i can get up and do a few things. i did not take enough time off after my surgery, so i feel like i am finally beginning to recover from that as well.

i am curious as to how long other  people had to wait for " the results" visit. i know that i need to give my doctor time to get all the reports in from the hospital. i guess that really, the full body scan i have to have in 6 months will be more of an indicator of whether the cancer is really gone. i really do not know what to expect at this point. i sort of go back and forth between wanting results now, and not wanting to know at all . this is really not like me at all. i have the "need to know things"  that is pretty strong.    i feel sort of at the mercy of my doctor at this point-not a good feeling. i wonder how it would go if it were happening to her? don't get me wrong,though, i really like my endo. as far as i am concerned, she saved my life. i am just frustrated i guess.

i have decided to call my doctor again next week- when i think that they probably have all of the results. in the mean time, i will just enjoy my freedom, even if i can not go shopping,etc. i have plenty to do here at home, and a lot of walking to do. i feel like a free bird, but with one leg chained to a tree!! better than being a crazy old lady in the upstairs bedroom,though.

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  1. FREE BIRD!!! 'Cause I'm as freeee as a bird nowww deh nah nah nah nuahw (the deh nahs are guitar stuff)And this is coming from a musician. Sheesh.