Wednesday, July 28, 2010

coming home , again

well, i had my whole body scan this morning. it was a pleasant ( sort of) experience. the radiology technician gave me a warm blanket- aren't they just the best things? i have been given one for other procedures i have had, and they make you feel warm of course, but also comforted. it was not an inclosed MRI type machine, which i had been dreading. it was an open machine, and it actually had a camera inside. they lowered it pretty close to my face, but the technician put a sort of cone- about 4 inches tall on my chest, so that she would not get to close to my face. i think that was a "feel good" device for the patient. it worked, by the way. they scanned me head to toe, but also came back for a little longer look at my neck. it took about 30-40 minutes.

i did not see the wizard. in fact, i only saw him once during this whole week and a half treatment. i had the opinion, i am not sure where i got the idea from, that he would be going over my chest x-ray and body scan with me. instead, the technician told me that all information would be sent to my endo. i called my endo to let them know i had finished my treatment, and asked if i had to make an appointment, or if they would call me. i had to leave it on the voice mail. i did not hear from them today. this leaves me a little frustrated as to what,when,etc, i will get my results. here goes the waiting again. that has been the hardest part to me. i know i am not their only patient by any means, but i wish things could be done in a more timely manner. i.e., so i can keep from freaking out so much!

the good news is that i am free to move back downstairs. yeah!!!! i spent the afternoon cleaning and disinfecting my son's bedroom and bathroom. i bought a new comforter set- i am washing the one he had on there, and will pack it away until i feel that it is totally "cool". i ordered his comforter set on line. i am constantly amazed at all of the products that you can order on line. i mean, i think that you could order everything you needed and would never have to leave your house. i got to hug my husband today, as well as my dog and cat. i was feeling the love.

a couple of people have written in their comments that they are beginning this treatment soon. i hope that everything goes well for you. rest as much as you can, and if you get nauseated, remember my mom's advice about the coca-cola in the little glass bottles. it really works. i could not find any organic sour lemon drops,but i made a couple of pitchers of sour lemonade that worked pretty well for me. i kind of swished it around in my mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it. i still get pretty tired, but overall i think i have done pretty well. hopefully, my "results show" will be a good one.


  1. You must be so happy to be back amongst the living. What a joy to have the simple things in life back. Sure hope you get results soon, maybe you can keep calling until you get a real person on the line. Thanks for the update!

  2. thank you Bobette, your comments are so nice and always appreciated!!