Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"I like mine with lettuce and tomato,heinz 57 and french fried potatoes,big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer,well, good God Almighty which way do i steer...(Jimmy Buffet, of course)

No cheeseburger in paradise for me! i think that   all i could eat out of that list would be the lettuce and tomato!!yes, i started my low iodine diet today ( or LID) for people in the know. i had to go grocery shopping, no doubt about that." no salt" rice cakes, yummy!! i know that i will probably have to watch my weight later, but i lost 13 pounds when i had the surgery. i am thinking that i will lose another 13 on this diet. i love to cook, but breakfast seems difficult( i had a banana with some no-salt almond spread, this morning) of course, i can have non-iodized salt, but processed foods- even something as innocent as organic raisin bran, has regular salt. i will certainly have to plan ahead.

thank goodness for the cookbook i bought: The Low Iodine Diet Cookbook, by Norene Gilletz. she has such useful info in there, besides recipes for breakfast,lunch,supper and snacks. the first recipe i am going to try is the " great granola". it calls for honey and maple syrup. i am going to take some, along with those yummy rice cakes, to work. i think that i will have to eat several small meals. i bought a lot of fruit and vegetables. i am going to cook some organic chicken and have some veggies with that for supper. i have a sneaky feeling that this is how i should be eating all of the time.:) nothing like the fear of a bad I-131 scan to get you on board the healthy train.

my husband is trying to do this with me. i had to buy him some dairy products ( i can not have any at all, except for egg whites) and a couple of chocolate bars. 14 days without chocolate!! can you hear me screaming while i am writing this?? actually, there is a recipe for a chocolate cake- LID safe cocoa is permitted. i am not sure if mine is safe or not,though. i mean, it is organic and all, but i am going to have to do some research on this before i try it. i am used to eating a bowl of raisin bran with more fruit for breakfast. coconut milk is permitted. but soy milk is not. also, the only rice milk you can have( because the store bought brand has sea salt in it) is the " kind you make yourself". i do not think i can go there. i will just have to eat my granola dry.

anyway, this is going to be an interesting couple of weeks. i hope that i do not dream about food too much.

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  1. Hi Bea,
    You must be happy that everything is finally in place for the next phase of treatment. I know it probably feels like an eternity. Good luck with the diet. It is funny how things change 16 years ago all they told me was to stay away from seafood, I didn't go on any diet. Maybe that it why I gained all the weight. HA! HA! I will be praying for you. Take care.