Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Journey to the top of the Mountain

i am getting anxious about my RAI treatment and tests coming up next week. i am even having a little trouble tuning it out when i am at work. before,  i could forget it about for a few hours at work, but it does not seem to be so easy this time. i know i should be relieved, i mean, my treatment is (hopefully) coming to an end. but of course i will not know that until i get all of the test results. i am not too good at " not knowing".

i am  comparing my experience with cancer to climbing a mountain. at first, it seems just too high and the journey too difficult. you just do not think that you can possibly make take one step at a time, careful not to choose the wrong path to the top. there are some beautiful things, amazing things, that happen along the way, but reaching the top is always on your mind. i am about three-quarters there, i figure. if i can just muster enough strength and courage to get to the top, i will reach my destination. i will be able to see everywhere that  i have been, and hopefully have a beautiful view of my future. of course there are no guarantees once you reach the summit. storm clouds can gather, and there can be difficult weather. but i am always one to look for rainbows, so i will try to hope for the best.

i am blessed with such wonderful family and friends. everyone at work has been incredibly nice to me as well. i have a lot to be thankful for. writing this blog has been the best therapy. the kind and helpful comments posted have been wonderful.i have tried to keep my sense of humor and not to whine too much. i hope i have helped some other people going through this experience. i know that i have benefited by the suggestions and shared experiences of some other thyroid patients. it is nice to be able to help each other.

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