Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Flow it, show it, long as God can grow, it, my hair......"( Hair- the musical)

well folks i went to the hair salon today. i told my friend, and the wonderful guy who  has been doing my hair since forever, to please trim it a little shorter since i am going to be out for a while.( o.k. i'll admit that i also had a little color on my roots,too!!hahah) after he had washed my hair, he looked at me and said, "sweetie, you are losing quite a bit of your hair!!" i know that hypothyroid patients have to deal with hair loss( especially at the ends of our eyebrows. mine are a little short there) but i was not quite prepared to hear the news.  i thought that somehow he would not notice. fat chance of that, he knows me better than some of my family members! i have noticed recently that, well, larger handfuls have come out in the shower after i wash my hair. i know that really there is not anything you can do about this.

i have done a couple of things to slow things down a bit. i have, for the past several months, let my hair alone. in other words, i put up my flat iron and quit trying to be a person with straight hair. my hair is curly enough to be frustrating, so i just put a little gel on it and gently blow dry it. the other thing i have done, is to switch to organic shampoo, conditioner, and gel. i am not sure this really helps, but it makes me feel like i am doing something.some people swear by vitamins. they  will not hurt you, and it may help some,too. i think that once my thyroid medication has stabilized- hopefully i will find the dose that is right for my body, the hair loss will slow down. i am so thankful that the treatment used for thyroid cancer( the I-131) does not cause hair loss. it can cause nausea sometimes in some people. i get nausea pretty easily, so i plan on asking for some medication before hand. i can handle pain ( to a point) but nausea is another story. when i get nausea, i am a weenie.

the other day at work, a lady came in to the store to pick up her medicine. i heard her talking to the cashier about going through chemo for breast cancer. she was completely bald, wearing only a bandanna to cover her head. i felt sorry for her, but more than that , i admired her strength and grace. if i look around, i have found that there is always someone who is dealing with something more serious than what i have to deal with. it helps put things in perspective for me. thanks again for those two wonderful comments after my last blog. they help more than you could know!


  1. Hi--I had Hashimoto's with my thyroid cancer---I had hair loss and was so tired even though my TSH was normal....I don't know that my hair is as thick as it was when I was younger but a lot of it did come back and I hope it does for you too...the eyebrows are still thin on the outer edges---it has been twenty years for me......good luck with those treatments.....I am pulling for you---Linda

  2. My hair is very thik and I noticed very little loss. However, I did notice that my hair was getting thinner in the front, but I think all is well now.