Friday, July 9, 2010

"pass it on, pass it on" the fragles from a Muppet Family Christmas

cancer is not what defines me, but it has definitely changed my life forever. i think that most cancer patients can relate to this. i took a hospice course for caregivers about ten years ago. i thought that it would help me better relate to my cancer patients. frankly, i was just as nervous around them as anyone else. do i ask them how they are today? do i ask about treatments,etc,? i don't know what your experience has been, but when i drop the "c" word in conversation( i try not to) everyone gets quiet. the hospice course lasted 12 weeks, and they taught us to have empathy not sympathy. i do not want to be pitied( i mean, as i have said, there are plenty of people who have worse things to deal with than i do), but i'll take a little sympathy. well meaning good wishes and prayers are always welcome to me.

my surgeon told me that i would forget about ever having cancer soon. i do not agree. well, for one thing there is the but really i think that this illness has changed my life for the better in most things. i really do appreciate certain things even more than before. i cherish small kindnesses from strangers( especially health care workers!) and try to pass them on. one of my family's favorite holiday movies is the " Muppet family  Christmas." there is one part when the "fraggle rock" is passed on. i presume this  is  to teach children to share and appreciate the gift of kindness and consideration.i think cancer has been a reminder to me that this is very important to everyone.


  1. Bea, I have read all of your blogs and they have touched my heart. Your thyroid problem seems alot like mine. they found a tumor the size of a golf ball on my right thyroid with another tumor trying to grow inside it and the left side did have cancer cells. I am meeting with the oncologist next week to see where we go from here. I haven't quite wrapped my mind around all of this, it's just so overwhelming to me and I have been doing so much research on this disease but quite frankly it seems like so many people have such gloom and doom stories it's hard for me to find the good in all of this. I have bought Mary Shoman's books and she is very helpful. I just wanted to let you know that you have given me some laughs and some hope that things will be all right. you take care and keep blogging.

    Bless you,

  2. Hello,
    When I found out I had thyroid cancer I was 25 and I found out 1 month before my wedding. I had so much going on my treatment was just one thing I had to add to the list of things to get done. My Endo and surgeon said I could wait until after the wedding to have surgery. I was told the same thing Bea (this is the best cancer to get) I don't know if it was because I was young but that did help me cope. I did whatever they told me, I was clueless. At the time my only concern was if I would be able to have children. All the doctors said yes just have to wait a year after radiation. I did what the doctors told me and I went on with my life.

    We waited 4 years before we decided to start our family, I was blessed, I got pregnant on the 2nd try, had a beautiful healthy 8lb 2oz baby girl (Samantha she is 11 now) When we decided Samantha needed a playmate close to her age, We were blessed once again on the second try (LOL) with another beautiful healthy 8lb 1oz baby girl (Lindsey she will be 10 in August) After I had Lindsey I went to a new Endo and he ordered a full body scan I was past the 5yr mark and he said this would be the last scan I would need. This time I was given the shot "thankfully" with 2 little ones I couldn't of gone of my medicine and be able to take care of them. Everything turned out fine. Two months after I had the scan I went to the dentist who just happens to be a friend of the family. I told him that I just had my last body scan and he said to me "how does it feel to beat cancer"? That was the first time it hit me, 6 years after surgery I finally realized I had cancer and I did beat it. I had spent 6 years just doing what the doctors told me I think it was because I was young didn't have children and I was told it was as they say and you have said the best cancer to get. I agree with you now Bea that is not what you want to hear.

    Since that dentist appointment and everyday since I wake up grateful for my life, family and friends. It does change you and it stays with you always. Things haven't been easy I am tired all the time and I put on a lot of weight. My advice to all of you just recently diagnoised ask questions, watch what you eat and exercise I know when your tired that is the last thing you want to do but it does help. I have gained 50lbs since I was diagnoised 16 years ago. I can't even blame the weight on the kids because I lost the weight after I had them.(LOL) I gained 30lbs in the 1st 6 months after surgery and I have never lost them and in the last 2 years I put on 20lbs more. I just started the thyroid diet and exercising every morning for the last 4 weeks and I feel great I have lost 7lbs and I really do have more energy. I now know that this is what I have to do for the rest of my life.

    I wish you all the best, it takes a very speacial person to share this experience with strangers and I feel blessed that I found your blog. You are an inspiration to me, it is because of your blog that I started to change my lifestyle to a more healthy one and I thank you.

  3. thank you both so much! what wonderful comments. i am glad you enjoy my blog, but to be truthful,the comments i receive- like these, are what keeps me going. bless you both, and all that read my blog.:)

  4. Bea, you and your blog are such a blessing to me. I have felt so alone with my thyroid cancer diagnosis and it has been so helpful to read your blog and the comments.

    Hugs and prayers to you and your readers!!