Friday, July 23, 2010

" Mmm, ah........ARE YOU PREGNANT?!"

i had to ask the med tech first thing, before she got too close to me. instinctively, her hand went to her stomach to smooth her top down. i could almost hear her thinking "i wonder if these pink scrubs make me look fat?" then i saw the sparks of fire coming out of her eyes. good job , bea. she has a 20 gage needle headed straight for your arm and you made her really mad! she said," of course not! "but she could have been, i mean she was not too old or anything. when i explained why i asked, she calmed down, and actually thanked me for asking.

i had blood work done on Monday- and my arm looks like i have a picture of the planet Saturn tattooed there. really. there is a red bump, surrounded by black and blue rings. apparently, this is the only good vein i have in my body, and she had to stick me in the same place. also my vein "rolled around" she said so she was moving the needle around in there trying to find it. i wanted to say" stay,boy,stay, and let this woman pierce you with her weapon of torture." finally,though, she hit the right place and got the sample. i sure hope i do not need more blood work for a while. of course, i have to look. my husband says, why don't you look away? i want to, but it is like a dead animal on the highway, or something. i have to look, and then of course i am sorry that i did.

i am still dealing with a little nausea, on and off. sipping on a coke and taking a nap helps. my salivary glands are not swollen or tender to the touch anymore. i feel like i have swallowed a sock, and it got stuck in my throat,though. i guess those jedi knights and storm troopers are still at it. i am sure that this will improve soon.

TOMORROW IS CHEESE DAY!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!! i am having a cheese pizza for supper, and i think a chocolate bar for breakfast. i have missed cheese/dairy more than chocolate,though. i was kind of surprised. chocolate is usually my feel good food.

i will just be chillin' this week-end, i guess. Wednesday of next week, i have to go back to the hospital for my full body scan. then hopefully, i will go back for the "results" visit with the radiologist and everything will be fine and over for a while. fingers crossed.

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  1. So happy for you! You are doing great! Hope the pizza and chocolate helped today. Keep up the good work!