Monday, May 30, 2011

"I need to laugh, and when the sun is out, I've got something to laugh about. I feel good, in a special way, I'm in love and its a special day. Good day sunshines, good day sunshine, good day sunshine...." " Good day sunshine, by the beatles

whew, the sun is out, the storms are over( for the moment), i am back on the computer, and my three month house remodeling project is almost over!! what a beautiful day. this is also vacation week for me. i was supposed to spend it in the hospital, getting my full body scan. as some of you might be aware of, thyrogen injection is on backorder from the manufacturer. it is supposed to be available sometime in june. "the best laid plans of mice and men" as they say. i will probably get my scan sometime in july. my new doctor requires that her patients be on the LID for four weeks. FOUR WEEKS!! well, i should be able to easily shed the 20 pounds that i want to lose. ( no joke)  i had a hard time being on it for two weeks last time. the author of my LID cookbook, Noreen Gilletz, says that there is no reason to be on the LID for more than two weeks. does this mean that my new doctor is a sadist? i am not sure, and i should have asked her why four and not the usual two. i am going to ( since i now have some time) inquire about this and get back to you with her answer..

also, she uses the I-123 not the I-131 for the tracer dose. that is not going to work for me( she does not know this yet- i will mention it when i call her nurse this week). i did some checking, and i found out that the LIQUID I-123 that she uses has sulfite preservatives. i am highly allergic to this-anaphylactic  allergic, so i can not use this. i will have to get the I-123 capsule( if there is one) or the I-131 capsule. i have had the I-131 capsule before- both the tracer dose for a scan, and the much, much larger treatment dose. i did fine with that one. i had listed  on my records that i was allergic to all sulfite preservatives, but  no one caught this. good thing i am diligent in checking ingredients in foods and medicines that i take. just another example of taking responsibility for  my health care issues. really,i do not expect anyone to take care of this for me- it is an unusual allergy.  however,  one time i had a cat scan done, and the radiologist noticed that i had a sulfite allergy and changed the contrast medium that i had to drink to one that was sulfite free. i was impressed, but this is an exception, i am afraid.

on a lighter note, i get to go to zumba( if my knee holds out!) for two, possibly three times this week!! yeah. i also have to admit that i bought a pair of zumba pants. i was trying not to, but i decided to give it a try. well, they look cute, but run a little small( really, i am not just saying that!). and the disturbing thing to me is that they come too far  below my belly button. i guess by this statement, you can tell that  i am an old lady! i promise that i do not wear "mom jeans"- my daughter fixed that problem for me a few years ago, but i just do not like anything too low. we have two guys in our class, and well, i  was afraid that they would stand behind me in class and that i would  accidentally moon them or something.i got up my nerve and wore them to class last time. i unsnapped the flippy,floppy streamers( too much competition with my belly scarf- i am  NOT giving up wearing that!). i was feeling pretty cool until we started to do some "bending over" moves. i was a little too anxious, even though the guys were in front of me! next time, i am going to wear my boring, sort of old lady, exercise pants i purchased a while ago from LL bean. they work, but they are not cool like the zumba pants. . maybe, after i have been on the LID for a while, i will get up my nerve and try my fancy zumba pants again.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Ground control to Major Tom, take your protein pill and put your helmet on. ground control to major tom, commencing countdown, engines on. ....i'm stepping through the door and i'm floating in a most peculiar way, and the stars look very different today. ground control to major tom. your circuits dead, there's something wrong, can you hear me major tom? can you hear me major tom? can you......" Space Oddity by david bowie

i certainly have felt like i was floating alone in the universe without my internet! and to think that i imagined that i did not really need a computer! i finally got my internet service fixed and running as of yesterday. i can get back in touch with my email friends, work on my blog again( i have really missed it!), and oh yes, delete some of those 400 or so emails that i now  have in my inbox.

i hope that several of you have checked out the new website i mentioned last time:
wendy and i sincerely hope that this will be a help to others and maybe offer a little hope and comfort. i am excited about this project, and pray that it will be successful. a friend/co-worker of mine is purchasing a necklace in memory of her mother, who died of thyroid cancer. i asked her to write a little something about her mother, and we will include this in our website for the next necklace recipient.i think that this is a great idea- to purchase a necklace for  another thyroid cancer patient in honor or memory of a loved one.

today was my ONE YEAR CANCER FREE ANNIVERSARY!! yes, this time last year, i was in surgery. i was in a very good mood today at work. most places are better than the OR, right? i have an awfully lot to be thankful for- my family and friends have been so very  good to me. i have been so fortunate to have been able to write this blog-i hope that it has helped others as much as it has helped me. i have made so many great "internet friends". it is so good to be able to talk about thyroid cancer with other thyroid cancer patients. you guys just get it- like no one else does.

my husband sent me flowers to help me celebrate. he has been so supportive, i just can not thank him enough. i hope that every thyroid cancer patient, or any kind of cancer patient, has someone who will be there for them. someone who will offer unconditional love and support. i have realized this year just how much i needed those two things, and how appreciative i am of them.

well, it is good to be back on-line. i also had to miss zumba a couple of times because i hurt one of my knees( doing zumba). i have made friends with my knee brace, which i now  do not forget to wear to zumba, even though it sort of shows( i think) under my exercise pants. the combo of not being able to blog, email or go to zumba was almost too much!! i think that i might have been a little grumpy during those two weeks or so. if my husband noticed, he did not say. see what i mean? he is the greatest. thanks,sweetie!