Tuesday, July 27, 2010

" the lunatic is on the grass...got to keep the loonies on the path...i'll see you on the dark side of the moon... the lunatic is in my head..".( Pink Floyd )

i am actually looking forward to going to the hospital tomorrow. ( getting out of here). i guess someone is getting a little STIR CRAZY!!!!! i am feeling better- my voice is not very good,though. but at least the nausea is gone. i am not used to "resting". i have been reading, and watching a little HGTV. i am afraid to do too much downstairs- as far as cleaning, cooking, etc,- even with gloves on. wearing gloves makes me feel a little crazy,too. i guess it brings Michael Jackson to mind- although my gloves are made by playtex. and, i have a matching pair.

i would like to venture outside, but my pets are preventing me from doing that. and there is the business about the birds- maybe i am past that point now. my pets are very confused. they know i am in the house, but i am sure they can not figure out why i am not spending time with them. my cat domino- yes she is black, with little white feet and some white markings and whiskers on her face- is the most determined of all. she stations herself at the front door, and if i even touch the door nob( gloved hand of course) she runs to the door. she would be on me in two seconds. i am really looking forward to being able to spend time with her again. i miss my German  Sheppard, shadow,too. he came in last night before bed- he sleeps in the house- and he saw me on the stairs. he stood there looking at me, turning his head from side to side,those big radar ears of his sticking straight up. i said,noooooooooooo, stay there!! he did what i said, but you could tell he was confused about the whole thing. sure would be nice to be Dr. Doolittle about now.

i have been on a terrible schedule- staying up late reading, getting up late, taking a nap. i  will have to try to go to bed early tonight. my appointment is at 9am, and the hospital is an hour away, so i have to leave about ten minutes before eight, so i will have time to park, etc. i also have to go by the lab and check on the thyrogloulin test that i had done on Friday. my doctor's office called and said that they did not have the test results yet. my endo has been in the process of moving, and i guess the fax gremlins got it or something. i have had terrible luck with test results, reports, etc. i have tried to take more responsibility in these things, as should everyone, but it is frustrating to say the least.

i wish i could go shopping after the hospital business is finished. but i can just see the sales clerk at the dress barn saying" how odd, the clothes are glowing!" i will be good and come straight home- to my room upstairs.

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