Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"If ever a wonderful wizard there was, the wizard of oz is one because, because........of all the wonderful ( i sure hope) things he does ! ( the wizard of oz)

i got kind of a late start down the yellow brick road. my I-131 did not come in yesterday as planned, but it did come in today. so instead of 9am, i had to be there at 12:30. i was told not to eat anything two hours before or two hours after my dose. i am not sure why- an educated guess might be improved absorption. anyway, i got to the hospital, and my dose was brought out to me in a lead container. it was about the size of a can of tomatoes- the inside being about 3 inches or so thick all the way around. that only left a tiny space for a glass bottle containing my medicine. the capsule was about the size of a Tylenol gelcap. the technician said to just toss it in my mouth from the glass container, better not to handle it too much. she was gowned up and had on gloves. so i swigged it down, and left on my merry,hectic way home. traffic was terrible. i felt like i was a character in the video game my son used to play called "crazy taxi". luckily i made it home safely.

after about 30 minutes after my dose, i noticed my throat was getting sore. also, it felt like something was pressing down on my throat where my thyroid used to be. i have not had any nausea so far. i sucked on the sour candy that i had purchased, and also drank some rather tart lemonade that i had made. hopefully this is the extent of my side effects, but i am not " calling it " until later on. my neck appears to be a little swollen as well. but not enough to take any Advil, or to the point that it is alarming.

it has only been a few hours since my isolation, but i already feel like the crazy woman in those Victorian novels. you know, the one that gets locked upstairs. wow, this is weird. i also miss my dogs and cats. my husband forgot to put them up before i got home from the hospital. my dog- a really sweet german shepherd, sat by my car and would not leave. he did not understand why i was not getting out. my husband had to drag him away. the six foot rule is something that your pets sure do not understand.

i have enjoyed using the wizard of oz analogy. when my son was in high school, his drama department had a huge production of the wizard of oz, with flying stunts, expensive costumes,live music,etc. it was great. well, he played the wizard of oz. and his girlfriend ( now his wife) was Glinda, the good witch. so now you know why this has been a fun comparison for me.


  1. Good for you! You're doing it! Been praying for you. Hope you can relax. Thanks for sharing the reason for your wizard analogy. You rock! This will soon be over!

  2. "crazy woman locked in the attic"...haha, like in Jane Eyre...nice literary reference.