Monday, July 26, 2010

" I was sick and tired of everything, all i do is sleep and eat and sing...." Abba

that is mostly correct. i sure can not sing ( very well, that is). my voice goes in and out. it has been sort of weird,throughout this whole process. when i answer the phone, people think that i have been asleep( i have been sleeping a lot,though). my voice is back to "froggy". it was like that before my endo raised my thyroid medication dose, and now again. at least the "sock feeling" in my neck is almost gone. time for those storm troopers/jedi knights to fly away home.

i had nausea for four days. the second day after the I-131 was definitely the worst, as far as side effects go. my salivary glands swelled up and were tender, but that went away on the third day. all in all, i guess i have been lucky. i do not like the isolation at all!! i want a hug from my husband, of course i sure do not want him glowing,too. i was reading in my thyroid cancer book, and the author said something about "x-rays coming off your skin.." wonder if anyone needs a dental x-ray or the sort? who knows, i could be useful! seriously, it is hard sometimes to remember that i am "hot", especially when i am starting to feel better. i sure hope that everyone else goes by the rules. who knows what we are exposed to "out there". i always wipe down the shopping cart handle,though. i had never thought about this before. of course, there are other things besides radiation to worry about when we go out shopping, i guess.

i look around my house and see lots of things that i could be doing. i can wear gloves, of course, but i think that i probably need to wait a while longer before i do any major chores. i have been reading a lot- i bought several paperbacks, and some magazines. i have been watching home and garden TV. i do not care for most of the other shows on t.v. i have thought up lots of large and small remodeling projects for my husband to do. he will be glad when this is over,too.

it has been too hot to go outside much. the wizard told me not to go outside the first two days. he did not explain this. of course, i imagined that maybe the birds would fall (dead) out of the trees??! in a few more days,though, i can get back to walking- either in the early morning or evening when it cools down a bit ( and i cool down a bit!). the next two hospital trips for me will be on Wednesday, to get my whole body scan, and whatever day( it has not been scheduled) for my results day.

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  1. You sound cheery, I'm so glad you are coming out of this. Loved the idea of birds dropping dead if you go outside too soon! Ha! Reminds me of when I was "hot" and Bill Clinton came to town to campaign for his wife. I offered to go give him a HUG. Good to see you still have your sense of humor. Hope your voice returns to normal so you can sing again!