Tuesday, July 20, 2010

" I'm off to see the Wizard!!"-- tomorrow

i went to the hospital today for my second injection of thyrogen. instead of Glinda, one of her"sisters" gave me the injection, if you know what i mean. i am not sure if she was from the east or west. she was nice enough, she did just not have the mad skills with a needle that Glinda had! i had to walk around for a while( i drove out to Michaels to look around) before i could sit for the hour ride back home. i have to drive myself tomorrow- to get my RAI. i just hope that i do not get sick, if i am going to, before i get home. i can just see me getting sick on the side of the road, and then haz-mat coming in for the clean up.

i have decided that the thyrogen did not make me feel so tired yesterday. i think it was the fact that i worked 6 out of the 7 days last week that did it. i have not had any problems with the thyrogen injection, well, except for a sore fanny. i am thankful i did not have to go off of my thyroid medication for six weeks before the treatment. this is definitely better. hopefully the scan will be detailed enough- that is the only drawback,besides the cost of course.

i am finishing the last minute things i need to do before my isolation. i am making a pound cake for my husband- he has hated my LID- me,too!! the cookbook has been great,though. i am even going to make the granola after i get off of  the diet. i have to get some more of my supplies ready- books, magazines,etc.. i have decided to use travel size containers( the 99 cent size) for my shampoo,conditioner,etc, and just throw what is left away. i hate to be wasteful, but i do not want to make anyone sick, either. i am glad that i found some disposable products that are "green". they are made of sugar cane and completely break down in three months.

i was concerned about my bloodwork that has to be done on friday. i will still be "hot" and i do not want to expose anyone. the folks in radiology told me to ask the med tech would would be drawing my blood if she was pregnant. now, won't that make a good first impression!?  they said for me to put " my good arm" out quickly, and don't linger. that should not be too hard (!!) i feel like wearing my husband's bee keepers suit into the hospital. i wonder if that would attract attention?

if you do not hear from me for a day or so, it means i am a little too nauseated to blog. but i am sure that i will be up and about soon. fingers crossed.


  1. Oh Bea, I feel like I'm reliving the RAI along with you! Except I can't believe you've been working so many hours and even baking! You sound like super woman, but now it will be time to relax and catch up on your reading and relaxing and let that "pac-man" medicine do it's job!!!May it get every last cell and not make you feel sick. My prayers are with you, keep up your sense of humor and keep us posted!

  2. thank you bobette; but i am far from super woman! and to be honest, i am looking forward to reading and relaxing. hopefully, i will not get to sick. thanks again for your comment.

  3. Good luck with the RAI! I get Munson the 30th. I'll keep checking your blog. Sending prayers up.

  4. Wow what a typo. I meant to say I will get my RAI on the 30th. Keep positive thoughts and know the LID is almost over! YAY

  5. Bee keeper suit! haha. And I can't believe you have to ask that med tech if she is pregnant. Good luck and I will talk to you soon.

  6. Good Luck---- I hope the time goes quickly---I can't believe all you got done....Linda