Friday, July 19, 2013

" in the summer time, when the weather is hot, you can chase right up and touch the sky. when the weather's fine, you have your thyroid, yes, your thyroid on your mind...." apologies to Mungo Jerry and " in the summer time"

we dance to this song in zumba( well, the original, not my lyrics). it is a cool down song, and has really fun moves. i have not been able to go to zumba in a while due to a shoulder injury( it has also affected my computer time), but i will be able to return next week i am hoping. i have really missed the exercise- it is such a mood enhancer. not to mention it keeps me toned and the best part- i get to eat a little more! one session of zumba can burn up to 700 or so calories. that is good for a brownie or two, i figure.

summer time is pretty great for people with thyroid problems. i am always cold, and i am so happy for the warmer weather. of course, at work, the powers that be keep our thermostat set on about 40 degrees, not that i am complaining about being cool at work. i just have to wear a sweater everyday. i get the oddest looks- i go into, and out of, work all bundled up, while the people outside  are wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts.

another important consideration, and i have talked about this before, but it bears repeating, is our thyroid medication. keep it cool, guys! hot thyroid medication does not work very well. i always recommend that people who take the naturally derived thyroid products keep them in the refrigerator( it keeps the " smell" down, also. if you take one of these products, you will know what i am talking about). if you mail order your medications, heaven forbid- sorry, but i am a pharmacist after all, do not let them sit in your mailbox all day! and if you are going on a trip, do not pack them away in your suitcase where they will get hot. also, if you purchase your medication,and are planning on being out all day on errands,etc, keep the medication in your purse, not in  your car.

i personally know of one person who mail ordered her thyroid supplement and it sat in her mailbox all day. her TSH shot up to 40! strange, but true. it could have been a bad batch of generic medication, but it was most likely the heat that basically inactivated her levothyroxine. i am not sure what would be the best thing to do if you do mail order, but either plan the delivery date for sometime that you are home, or have a neighbor retrieve your medication and hold if for you until you get home, perhaps.

my sympathies  to the people out there who are hyperthyroid. you must be miserable in the summer time , as you feel hot instead of cold. amazing what all those darn little thyroids control! so enjoy the heat, my fellow hypos, and try to stay cool, all you hypers out there. i hope that everyone is having a great summer time!