Wednesday, June 9, 2010

when parathyroids leave, do they go to paraguay?

well, i got some sort of good news today. my doctor is going to let me stop my tum-tum-tum,-tums!!! because my last calcium level was in the normal range. i have to have my calcium checked again this friday, along with some other thyroid blood work done. if it remains in the normal range, then we can assume that my two remaining  parathyroids have NOT gone to Paraguay, and have decided to stay here with me. fingers crossed.

also, if  my calcium is good, i do not have to get blood drawn every week. good news for my left arm! you see, the one good vein is in my left arm. the others, run and hide when they see the needle coming. of course, if for some reason my one good vein is on vacation or something, the med techs cast their eyes at my hands. yes, i have huge veins in my hands. i have "man veins" in my hands. i think it comes from opening so many child-proof  lids at work. i am the go to person, unless one of the guys is there, if someone can not get a top off a bottle. ( here is my secret: beat it on the counter- upside down on the lid- before opening. i mean, really smack the daylights out of it) why am i the only person at work who thinks of doing this? maybe they are just trying to make me feel good.( it usually  works,though)

i had an almost normal day. i mean, i felt  almost like my old self( only about 30 years or so older). i know that when i see my endo on june 21st, she will go up on my thyroid dose and i will feel better( at least a little closer to my real age.) i went with my  husband to see my dad today. i visited my dad while my husband went to the dentist. then i went grocery shopping( it was time to scare some more kids) only four more days to go before i go back to work. there are a LOT of kids where i work. oh boy.

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