Monday, June 14, 2010

Remember, thyroid disease can be inherited; if it is in your family,get checked!!

 i have several relatives with thyroid disease: my granddad,a great-aunt, several cousins, my dad, my sister, and now my daughter. my great-aunt had a huge goiter; she had it removed before i was born. no one else has thyroid nodules, except for my dad. we just found this out a little while ago. you see, when i was diagnosed,my sister and dad had a thyroid scan to check for nodules. ( my daughter has already had a scan; i want her to have another one sometime soon,just to be sure) my sister's scan turned out fine- she has a  goiter, but no nodules- either hot( the good ones) or cold( the potentially cancerous kind).

unfortunately, my dad's scan was not so good. he has several nodules, and two are at least as big as mine were, and they are the cold ones. he has a biopsy scheduled for this thursday. he will not have to wait like i did for the results; they will have a pathologist on hand, and he is supposed to have the results on the spot. if he does have cancer, the surgeon doing the biopsy wants to send him to baptist hospital for the surgery. of course, we are just taking things one step at a time, and trying not to worry too much. he is healthy, especially for his age- he is in his 80's; and he has a strong heart. if he has to have the surgery, i feel that he will do just fine. i hope of course, that the nodules are benign.

this is my first day back to work; i work 12 to 9pm tonight. i will try to keep up this blog, and let everyone know about my dad, and about my radioactive iodine treatment- i find out next monday if i will need to get it, when,etc.
again, if you have thyroid disease in your family- GET CHECKED OUT!! you can not always tell by the way you feel, although there are a lot of symptoms, some you might not associate with thyroid disorder. i will try to list a lot of them on my next blog. time to get ready to go back to the salt mines, as they say.....

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