Monday, June 7, 2010

Dr. Frankenstein" : I say, Igor, i am quite the brillant surgeon. Perhaps i can look at the hump on your back for you." Igor : " What hump??"

 i scared a little girl at the rest area on my way home from the hospital. ( i think i mentioned this in an earlier blog) she got one look at my zombie looking self, complete with the slit throat, and went straight to her mom. i also frightened a couple of children at the grocery store last week. i am not used to being the "Bogey-woman" of little children.

i am happy to report though, that i am looking better. my scar is now mostly pink ( there is a tinge of red still in it), but i do have this hump in the middle. it should go away eventually. my husband took me for an outing today. we went to see one of his  sisters.( there were no small children in attendance; yes, she does have grandchildren, but thankfully, they were not there.) my sister-in-law is building her dream house, and we went to see it. it is under roof, but she still had to tell us what each room was going to be. it is on the lake- it is beautiful and i am very happy for her.she has a walk in closet !!! the huge kind, the one you see in magazines. i would really love to have one of those. i think that was one of, if not my favorite, parts of the house.

i have decided to be like Igor when i go back to work. if that hump is still there ( i have a feeling that it will be) i am just going to pretend that it does not exist. it does bother me physically- it sort of tightens my throat and puts a little pressure on things. yes, i am doing my exercises, but it has only been a little over 2 weeks since my surgery after all. i was really tired when i got home today. i had to take a nap. my bed is like a magnet now. and well, i am very attracted to it. i go back to work just one week from today. i hope i will be ready. i wonder if they will let me take a nap at work? i can just hear them now:" Sure, the pharmacist will be with you just as soon as she gets up off the floor. she was taking a short nap."

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