Wednesday, June 16, 2010

" I'm a little bit hypo.....are you a little bit hypo too??"

Now, actually, i am a LOT hypo since my thyroid is gone. of course, i will be getting my thyroid medication dose adjusted and i am sure that things will be better soon. before,  i had mentioned writing down  a list of hypothyroid symptoms. this is not a complete list. that darn little butterfly controls our whole body!! everyone is different, but these are things that might indicate that a person has a thyroid problem. the only way to be sure though, is to have a blood test done( for TSH). this varies from lab to lab and doctor to doctor as to when a person is diagnosed and treated. that is a whole different story ( and blog). again, i recommend the book by Sara Rosenthall: The Thyroid Sourcebook. she does a great job of explaining just about everything thyroid.

o.k. here is the list:
* slow Achilles reflex
*slow heartbeat
*low body temperature
* weight gain
*dry skin
*hair loss- more than usual; also, people tend to lose the " ends" of the eyebrows
*eye puffiness
*hoarseness of your voice- this would be a change in voice
*enlarged neck
* swelling of feet
*high cholesterol ( not explained by diet or lack of exercise)
*fibromyalgia type symptoms
* longer,heavier periods
* fertility problems
* developing allergies, or allergies getting worse
this,unfortunately, is only a partial list. these symptoms could indicate hypothyroidism, or something else. but like i said, that darn butterfly regulates just about everything in our bodies. when it is sick, we get sick,too.

good news: evidently some, i am not sure if it is one or two, of my parathyroids decided not to go to Paraguay after all!! my calcium is normal, and i will not have to take large doses of calcium for the rest of my life. it is on the low end of normal, so i will probably take a regular calcium supplement just as soon as my throat feels like it can swallow those calcium tablets.

my dad's biopsy is tomorrow morning. i hope it goes well. i will let everyone know how it went.hopefully he is o.k. and will not have to have surgery,too.

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