Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I had a two rainbow day yesterday!

whenever i see a rainbow, i think it is a good sign.yesterday, my husband and i went out to a movie- as i said it was our first fun excursion since my diagnosis. well, we saw two different rainbows on the way home. maybe things are looking up for us. and i do mean us. this has been hard on my family, especially my husband, since he has had to deal with it every day. one way that he coped, was to go outside and plant hundreds of flowers. the outside time was so good for him- very therapeutic.today,  i sat on the front porch and had my brunch. i looked at all of the flowers and the birds and butterflies that come to visit them. i could have watched t.v. but that is so depressing to me. i would rather take in nature whenever i can. it is good for my mental health. i have to work today from 12 to 9pm, so i need a little calm before i go in.

i think besides worrying about us, our families feel so helpless when we get a cancer diagnosis. no matter what the prognosis, everyone hears the word CANCER and that pretty much dominates everything else. i lost my mom last year to cancer- she had multiple myeloma( a blood cancer) and not thyroid cancer. i helped take care of her for about 9 months before she passed away. i guess that has made this a little bit more difficult for me and my family- especially my dad. i try to reassure him that my prognosis is different ( i am hoping) than hers was, but as i said that bad old word" cancer," seems to rule the day. i have a Pollyanna personality, but i will admit i have cried and been depressed more than usual.i have had much support from my family,friends, my minister,etc, but i think that sometimes an antidepressant can help as well. cancer patients, as well as their families, should evaluate their situation and not be afraid to ask for help. whether it is talk therapy or antidepressants, these and other things can make the situation better. when i started "sharing the load" of my cancer diagnosis with others, i found out that i felt and slept better. if i can help someone else cope with this, it will be a way for me to give back to others what i have received myself..

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