Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tired is my middle name-- really.

i just got two more wonderful comments! thank you so much. i love reading about cancer survivors. i hope to describe myself as one someday soon. i wanted to participate in the local "relay for life" event for cancer survivors this year, but it was too soon after my surgery. heck, i am not sure i could have walked from my car to the track where it was held, much less done a few laps. our local paper did a nice story about the event, and i cut it out and posted it on  my refrigerator. i am going to use it as inspiration for next year.

that was a funny comment about being too tired to write a comment, but i totally understand. i thought i knew what tired was, but since i have had my thyroid out, well,i feel like my name is part of the definition of the word. about a week after my surgery, i was about at my lowest point. i was sitting on the couch, and i knew that i needed to get myself up and do something, but for the life of me i could not. i had to summon all of my inner strength to get up. i then decided to call my daughter, but i  could not remember her phone number! ( we talk almost every day). the worst part  was that not only could i not remember her number, i could not think of where to find the number. the next day, i called my doctor and she doubled my thyroid medication dose. it took a few days, but i felt better. i am not there yet, though. i start looking around for a place to take a nap around 3 or 4pm. i can not nap at work,though darn it.

i made it through work this weekend. i had a couple of long days, and about 3pm besides looking for a place to nap, my throat swells up and i feel like there is a golf ball or something about that size in there. my throat is dry( i drink lots and lots of cold water during the day- i think the people at work now think i have kidney problems as well, hahahaha). i keep telling myself, this too shall pass, and i try to be patient with myself. i am off tomorrow, and i hope to nap a lot. i may find out next week if my insurance company is going to pay for the Thyrogen injections. i will probably start the treatment/scans,etc, by the end of next month. thanks again to everyone who has written comments, and also to those who have thought about writing!

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  1. Mom!
    You are such a good writer! I have some work to do here- reading all these posts... but I will comment on every single one. Speaking of Relay for Life - Julia and I did one of those in college - walked all night and then performed a scene for a final and gave an honors presentation - that was a long day. Anyways, I'm glad to see you writing and benefiting from it.
    I love you.