Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Question: How is cancer like New Year's Eve?

Answer: with both you make resolutions.

here are my resolutions. and they are in no particular order, just things i have been thinking about.

1) i am going to drink more water. in the hospital i drank gallons ( it seemed) and i continued it when i got home.
    i found out that i felt better. i know it will be hard to do when i get back to work, but i am going to try my
2) as i have said earlier, i am going to be thankful for each day and try to live in the moment. i also am going to
     try to pick out one "marvelous thing" that happened that day. from seeing a hummingbird, to perhaps
     something bigger. i have a leather journal my son gave me. i am going to write these things down and that
     will serve to remind me that i am only a part of a bigger plan.
3) i am going to try to let the little things go. i have been able to do that at home, so far. it will be much more
    difficult at work. ( who likes to get yelled at because their insurance copay just went up $5.00?) i have no
     control over a lot of things that happen,so i have got to learn to let things go. i understand that i will have
     to work on this one. hopefully, i will have a plan before i go back.
4) i am somehow going to try to spend more time with my husband. we work similar schedules; the same week-
    end, but the days and nights do not always match up. he is my best friend and i enjoy being with him. i read
    somewhere, that when people die, they do not say" boy, i wished i had worked more!!" instead, they wish
    they had spent more time with their family. again, i will have to work on this one.
5) i am going to continue to have a positive and hopefully humorous, attitude about this cancer. i have not been bitter one day. i did feel sorry for myself for a few days, but i got over it. there are people out there with
    so much more to deal with than me.

i know there are more things i need to do. i am going to be involved with the local" relay for life next year". it is for  cancer survivors and their families , and raises money for cancer research. it was held last weekend. i was not physically able to participate, but next year i will be. i hesitate to use the work survivor. maybe next year i will be able to say it aloud and believe it.

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