Thursday, June 10, 2010

i don't want to go back to work, i just want to stay home and make cookies

i went into town today to get my hair done. i thought that this would make me feel better, more energized, more ready to go back to work?????. i had to run a few errands, and i also went by work to get my schedule. it has been 22 days since my surgery. i still do not feel like my old self. maybe that is good,though, my old self was pretty sick with cancer.i guess part of it is that i do not know what to expect. my body sort of let me down, getting sick and all,  and now i am not sure how i will be at work.

i looked at my schedule, hoping for a break- you know, maybe a lighter schedule the first week. no such luck.i have two double backs and two nights. it is sort of like merging onto the highway  at 80mph, on say, a bicycle.. and everyone else is driving a car. i know i will be better after i see my endo and she ups my thyroid dose. i know i keep saying this, but i have to believe it will get me back to my " old self" whatever that was.

yes, i would rather just stay home and make cookies next week. that would be nice. but truth is, i know i need to get back to work. i miss my job- well, parts of it anyway. and i might get to take another medical leave of absence if i have to have the radioactive iodine treatment. of course if i made cookies after that, well, no one would want to eat them!! lol

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