Friday, June 11, 2010

i'm cranky without my nap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i had a good day today. i cleaned house a little- my daughter's birthday is this weekend. she and my son-in-law are coming home tonight. tomorrow, my son and daughter-in-law are coming to spend the night. my daughter's birthday is on Sunday, and we are going to have a party!!my dad is also coming down to help us celebrate.the last get together we had was on mothers day; i was waiting on my surgery. this time will be so much better! so much is behind me now, and i am thankful the way it turned out.

i also got blood work done today. they had to get four tubes, so i was a little worried that my good left vein in my arm would run dry, but it hung in there. i think i even have  a little left  to spare! i find out monday if i am through with the blood work for a while, or have to go a little bit longer. i took the med techs in the lab a plate of my homemade lemon,cream cheese pound cake. they are so nice. i think a lot of people are scared of them- i mean after all, they do have all those needles and everything. but after all that i have been through, a little needle stick is nothing. unless they have to go for my "man veins" in my hand, of course.

i took another nap today, as i have done since i got home from the hospital. i swear my bed just reels me in like a trout. i am not sure what i will do when i go back to work( no naps there, unfortunately). i do not drink coffee ( yet) so i am not sure how i will stay awake. maybe the screams from the little kids when they see my neck will do the trick. we'll have to see.

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