Sunday, June 20, 2010

do you think Frankenstein could drink Cokes?

well, tomorrow i finally get to see my endocrinologist. as you can imagine, i am anxious to discuss my treatment plan and get my thyroid medication dose adjusted a bit. i know i will have to have the radioactive iodine treatment, and i want to have it as soon as possible. last week,  back to work was really harder than i had anticipated. i was beyond tired when i got home every day, and i actually had blurred vision by the end of the day. i could use some "isolation time" to maybe get some more rest. i want to be as close to 100% as i can be at work.

one of my friends, who is health care, told me to be sure to get a" pet"  test. this involves injecting radioactive " sugar" into a vein,  if you can imagine, and then spending the next 60 minutes in a horrible machine that looks like an mri machine. i have had one mri done several years ago- i think that mri machines would fit perfectly into a house of horrors at halloween. i am not sure that i could have one done again. besides, the pet test is not fool-proof, and i think getting one  may be just too much testing. i know that i will have to get body scans done, at various intervals- depending on if they find more cancer,etc.  i want to be responsible and get whatever tests, treatments, etc, that my doctor recommends. but sometimes tests snowball. i hope i do not end up looking over my shoulder constantly  for Mr. Cancer - i want to live the rest of my life joyfully. and besides, i worry enough about other things.

one of my goals is to participate in a zoomba class with my daughter. she loves taking zoomba classes, and it looks like a lot of fun. i like dancing as exercise, but i have a ways to go before i can do this. i would probably only last about 5 minutes if i tried to do it now. my neck still has a slight bulge in the middle, and my scar is still pretty visible. this weekend i was telling my son that my doctor did not want me to drink carbonated beverages. i tried a little and it sort of "fizzled" when it got down to my surgery site. my son ( who likes to tease me ) said, oh, and then did it leak out of your neck? and i said of course, it ran down my neck onto the front of my blouse! ( actually what  i was referring to was some vitamin e oil that i had put on the outside of my neck) . i am proud of myself, i think i grossed him out for a change!!lol


  1. hahahah, well you know how your brother likes to tease and try to gross us out. i just got him back or once!!lol