Saturday, June 19, 2010


 my dad's biopsy came back inconclusive. i had one of those results once. but my dad is supposed to know something on tuesday. the surgeon said my dads nodules are so big, that he should have at least part of his thyroid removed. that is o.k, but if it is cancer, he has to have all of his thyroid removed, like i did. that is a good thing,though. i had a cancerous tumor on the other side that they did not pick up on ultrasound or biopsy. so if they had not removed all of my thryroid gland, i would be going through this surgery again, or worse.

we are celebrating my dad's birthday ( actually it was yesterday, but i had to work) and an early fathers day today. i  really like the american cancer society's slogan: celebrate more birthdays! it puts things in perspective. my son and daughter- in law are here today, and we are going to p-a-r-t-y. my husband is fixing some of his world famous, wood fire grilled chicken and i made a homemade german chocolate cake for dessert. since i have been sick, i really, really appreciate family time together and good food. so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US ALL!!!

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