Thursday, June 3, 2010

"just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down," ( Mary Poppins)

well, i am making cookies today. homemade peanut butter cookies. i am making them for the lab techs at my doctors office, because every week, for the NEXT SIX MONTHS,i have to have my calcium level drawn! i want things to start off on a good note. i mean, i pretty much know them already, having a thyroid disorder, and all, but now i am going to know them so well we will probably exchange Christmas cards this year. thankfully, i am not terrified of needle sticks. i mean, you can not have had two pregnancies and be hypothyroid and be terrified of surgeon forgot to mention that it would be for six months,though. i just happened to read it on the orders(guess he forgot that i am a pharmacist and can read prescriptions,haha). small price to pay,though, especially if those pesky little parathyroids decide to keep me company for a few more years.

i am starting to finally, in my opinion, feel better. i still really crash in the afternoons- i know my doctor will need to go up even more on my thyroid medication dose. but my neck just sort of aches and throbs instead of hurting all of the time. i am slowly removing the rest of the adhesive bandage. the surgeon tried to rip it off! OUCH!!  "does it hurt when i do that? " he said. i was thinking, now let me put some on you ( you can use your imagination here as to where i was thinking it might go ) and rip it off,then we will talk. i have a swollen area in the front of my neck. it is an accumulation of fluid and will eventually go away. he had another GREAT idea of sticking a needle in there and draining the fluid off! i said i was not afraid of needles, but not in my throat, thank you very much!! so what if my husband has to be married to the bride of Frankenstein for just a little longer. he did say for better or worse.....

i have to do neck stretching  exercises  so that my neck will not be too stiff. it is supposed to help with the pain as well. i think that i will also look into yoga before too long. i think that i could benefit from something like that. the doctor did not give me specific exercises,he just said " stretch and bend your neck back". i am going to research it and find something specific. i do much better if i have a plan of action. speaking of, i am off to the kitchen to make cookies before i crash.

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