Sunday, June 13, 2010

happy birthday to my daughter

 happy birthday, sweetie!! it was sure good to see everyone this weekend. i love having my family all home and cooking for everyone. what a great idea- birthday cupcakes. i think it was good for a change. having everyone all together makes me realize just how lucky i am. my dad really enjoyed it,too.

every year on my children's birthdays, i remember the day they were born, and the day we brought them home from the hospital. those were wonderful, joyous days. i remember the whip-poor-will singing on the day my daughter was born. we have these birds  close to our house this time every year. the year she was born,though, we had one practically move in with us! he sat on the top of the house even, and did his whip-poor-will singing. it was  very,very loud. at one point, my husband chased ( or tried to) him away so we could get some sleep. who says it is quiet out in the country??

well, happy birthday again- you still look like a little kid( of course you will always be one to me) and i love you dearly.

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