Friday, June 25, 2010

What a wonderful surprise!!!

i usually write a new post without looking at my previous posts, because frankly, i usually have had no comments and to me that is a little sad. for some reason though, tonight, i went to my blog first and found i had nine comments!! i was so happy i burst into tears. i have been feeling a little like a satellite out in deep space looking for , in this case, someone to talk to about my thyroid cancer. of course, i owe it all to Mary- and linking my site to hers. i really can not thank her enough, or all of the people who posted comments.

i appreciate all of the comments; i will plan going on a iodine free diet 2 weeks prior to my rai. actually, i bought a cookbook ( The low Iodine Diet Cookbook, by Norene Gilletz) , and though no one had mentioned it to me, i read about the iodine free diet in one of my books on thyroid cancer. anything i can do to make things better, i certainly will. i am also happy to know that someday, i will not always think about having thyroid cancer. my surgeon first told me that he would have to remove the lymph nodes in my neck,too. but he biopsied them, and they came back clear. he did a "level 6 lymph node dissection" in the front, along with removing all of my thyroid( i had cancer in both sides, it turned out). i still  have a numb area in the front of my neck, but there is  a lump there- swelling, so that may get better eventually. frankly, it will be o.k. if the feeling does not come back all the way- getting rid of the cancer was the most important thing.

i will check on a support group. i live in such a small town, so i am not sure what will be available. writing in my blog ( even when it was a solo flight, so to speak) was so therapeutic to me. now, having people who have been through the same experience as myself, is priceless.i hope that i can help someone else.  that has been one of my primary goals in writing this blog. thanks again for all the comments and good advice!!


  1. You're not alone! Thanks so much for being brave enough to be a voice for us!

  2. Hi Bea! I found you via Mary's site. :) I was diagnosed with papillary cancer in October 2008. I have a whole body scan coming up in a few months, so I'm shortly behind you with the low iodine diet!

    I write a column called "Life Redefined" for We are a thyroid support community--for patients with thyroid diseases/cancers, by patients with thyroid diseases/cancers. There are lots of cancer survivors in our community, as well as lots of other great people dealing with other thyroid diseases. If you haven't come across our community already, I hope you'll stop by and check it out!