Monday, June 28, 2010

" ICE, ICE BABY!!" (vanilla ice)- it is important to keep your thyroid medication ( all kinds) cool

i don't know about the weather where you guys are, but here in north carolina the weather has been brutal. we have had one of the hottest summers on record so far, with the highs in the higher 90's to 100. it is important to keep your thyroid medication cool. heat will break down thyroid hormone ( natural and synthetic) and it will not work well for you. a friend of mine gets her medication through mail order. hers sat in a hot mailbox for most of the day. also, it probably sat in the back of the mail truck for who knows  how long. after she had been taking this medication for a while, her TSH  sky-rocketed to over 100!! can you imagine??? i would be totally knocked out. she got some fresh medication from her pharmacy, and is doing better, thank goodness.

another thing i thought about was traveling on vacation this summer. remember to put your thyroid medication in a cooler when you travel. if it is in your purse, it will be o.k, unless you are outside in the heat. some people keep their thyroid medication in the refrigerator all of the time. i think this is a good idea. i have to confess i keep mine in my bedroom, but with air conditioning, i think it is probably o.k.( i have trouble locating the milk in my refrigerator, and i am a little afraid to put it in there!!) lol.  seriously though, this is something everyone should probably be reminded of. anything we can do to make our medication work better is worthwhile.

****this message is to becky: i would like to give you my email address: since you have just found out about your thyroid cancer, and have surgery,etc. to go through, if you would like to ask me about my experiences. i will be happy to answer any questions you might have. i surely  do not have all of the answers, but i will try to help you in any way that i can. i do suggest you purchase two books: Mary Shomon's Living Well with Hypothyroidism, is a great source book. another invaluable book is : The Thyroid Cancer Book, 2nd Edition, by M. Sara Rosenthal. Ms. Rosenthal is a thyroid cancer survivor, which makes the book even more relevant. she writes in a truthful and easy to read manner. it is also nice to hear from someone who has had thyroid cancer and recovered. i wish you the best and good luck to you. i will also say a prayer for you.


  1. Hi Brea,
    I'd like to get your email address or I can give you my contact so we can talk more about this problem. I'm going through something similar right now and we might be able to share more information. I could not find a way to contact you directly, please let me know if you'd like eventually on the phone or email.

  2. HI-I never knew I should keep those meds in the refrigerator---will do--I am a cancer survivor for twenty years---I am wishing you all the best-----and that good news will come to you soon....Linda

  3. Mary, my email address is in my blog above: and i would be happy to talk to you about this. i work a crazy schedule, sometimes 12 to 9pm, as i am tomorrow night. but i am always off on wednesdays, if that helps.

  4. to correct, my email address is :