Thursday, May 27, 2010

yesterday, i had ( what my grandma called) a "setback"

when i was little, whenever i was sick, i stayed with one of my grandmas. my parents both worked,so my grandma took care of me. i sure could have used her yesterday and some today, i guess. she made biscuits and the absolute best in the world, black raspberry jelly.she " took by temperature" by kissing my forehead. she usually made a bed on the couch for me  and we watched game shows, and the tennessee ernie ford show- her favorite. i still laugh when i think about what he used to say, which was: (" well, bless your little pee picking heart!") i could not believe that someone could say " pee" on t.v ! .when i got too rowdy, i.e, wanted to go outside to play, or started jumping on the couch, she would always tell me to rest or i would get a "setback". sounded pretty horrible to me, so i usually did what she said.

anyway, i guess i over did it. i went into town to have blood work done and i did some grocery husband drove me, but it was still too much, i guess. i had a fever last night, and my voice sounds just awful today. i had a "coughing fit" last night, and i guess that hurt my vocal cords a little. i bet it is only temporary,though.i am being impatient with myself- i think i should be able to do more, and also there has been some hassle with my medical leave. it all boils down to the insurance company not wanting to pay for more time off than they need to. now, i would not try to get more time off than i need, but really, i am not physically or mentally ready to return to work. rest is what i need more of, and i hope i can figure out a way to get some more.

lesson for today is: for heavens sake, rest up and get better. be patient  with yourself. do NOT stress out about the insurance company, and most important thing of all, try not to get a" setback,"  but if you do,rest more and you will be feeling better soon. oh, and  bless everyone's little pee picking hearts.

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