Monday, May 10, 2010

what not to say to a cancer patient

Some very nice, very well meaning people have said this to me after i told them i had thyroid cancer: well, then that is the GOOD cancer to have!! to this i have smiled and nodded my head. my brain was saying, however, okey dokey,then please by all means, have mine!! my thyroid cancer is in my lymph nodes as well, which will have to be removed. i will not be sure that it has not spread until sometime after surgery- perhaps until my whole body scan later on. i am a positive person, but i really do not think of my cancer as being the " good kind". so please if you know someone with thyroid cancer, refrain from making this comment!! it will be greatly appreciated by them- i know this for sure.

i have read that thyroid cancer in women has surpassed breast and lung cancer, as far as percentage of new cases.  i am not sure if this is because more people are getting diagnosed, or if there is something else causing the increase.i have eaten organic food for a long time, and continue to do so. i think it is better for me, especially now. i know it is more expensive, but could additives, pesticides, etc, in our food be causing us more problems, as far as causing cancer? i wish i knew more about the causes of thyroid cancer. i am concerned about my children, who will need to be diligent about getting their thyroids checked now.

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  1. I just happened to catch your blog and have started reading it. I just had to comment on people telling you it was a GOOD cancer..I absolutely, positively understand how you feel. I was told this so many times by so many people...inside it upset me terribly. I was made to feel like I shouldn't have been making such a fuss over a cancer that wasn't really that serious. How ignorant...unless they've walked a mile in our shoes.....Anyway, thanks for letting me vent on your blog. Even though I never had a comeback for those people and kept my annoyance inside, it helped to let it out here. lol I will finish reading your blog later today..I hope you are doing better now. Donna