Monday, May 24, 2010

" yeah, the W-A-I-T-I-N-G is the hardest part" ( Tom Petty)

i am waiting for the biopsy report on the lymph nodes in both sides of my neck.i am also waiting to see if either of my remaing two parathyroid glands have decided to stay with me. you know, the waiting is the hardest part of this whole ordeal i think. i had to wait almost a month between my cancer diagnosis and my surgery. every time i put on makeup,fixed my hair,i,e, looked in the mirror, i would stare at my neck.i would think, well, there doesn't look like there is a monster in there, but of course there was kind of creepy. i was really glad to have it taken out. on the positive side, i do not feel like someone is choking me almost all of the time,, and my voice was better immediately after surgery. my family noticed this,too. before my surgery, for several months really, my voice was scratchy,froggy,etc. people would ask me if i had a cold. i like to sing, and i could not do that very well. i have not tried since my surgery, but hopefully that will be better,too. on the consent to surgery form, there was a question: " are you a professional singer?" my husband wanted me to put down "yes" so the surgeon  would be extra careful with my vocal cords. i said no, of course. ( can't you just see me breaking into song at the pharmacy? maybe singing drug interactions, reactions,etc to the patients?) but the surgeon was very careful with my vocal cords anyway, it seems.

what keeps me sane ( i guess i am!) is the love and support of my family and friends. i really do enjoy writing this blog. it is funny, but i never paid much attention to what a blog was before i got sick. i would never have guessed in a million years that i would have a blog. i really hope that maybe someone reading this can get some useful information, get his/her thyroid checked out,or just offer support to someone they know who may be going through this.a really helpful book on thyroid disorders of any kind is: The Thyroid Sourcebook, by Sara Rosenthal. i highly recommend this book. even if you have many reference books on thyroid disorders, you will learn something new in this book.

well, i guess i will go back to W-A-I-T-I-N-G , and who knows, maybe i will get good news tomorrow.

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  1. Singing to your customers about drug it!! "ohhhh, you don't take Cou-ma-din with as-pir-innnnn...!"