Tuesday, May 11, 2010

thanks to the grateful dead

my daughter, as part of my mothers day gift, put together a "mix cd " of positive and upbeat songs. i laughed/cried when i first heard it(i was driving home to visit my dad,and the cd is just about exactly the time it takes for me to get to his house) the first song was " a touch of grey" by the grateful dead.you know the one, " i will survive",etc, well, i will try my best,sweetie. also on the cd was tom pettys " i won't back down" also, fleetwood mac's " don't stop thinking about tomorrow" there were several songs i was not familiar with- i just have found out who taylor swift is! but i loved all the songs, and i especially love all the thought and care that went into making this cd for me. i will truly enjoy it.

tomorrow i have my physical before my surgery. my husband and i are staying at a favorite bed and breakfast tonight, so we will not have to drive so far tomorrow. my husband has been very supportive, but this is hard on him,too. planning little treats, like staying at this bed and breakfast helps make this experience a little better.i am not suggesting that anyone break the bank, but little treats do help to keep spirits up.

i took a few vacation days off from work so that i can literally and figuratively " get my house in order". i will be working this weekend, but then my medical leave of absense starts monday. my surgery is wednesday, one week from tomorrow. i am not sure how long i will need to be out to heal, but i am giving myself this time to get better before i go back to my hectic job.

i have always thought that i know what is really, really important. but having this illness has made me examine my life even more. i think that i need to have more fun and work less. ( but i still have to pay my bills!) i try to take some time to appreciate each day- call it meditation or whatever you would like to call it. but appreciating each day is important. i have thought about spiritual matters as well. i think nourishing your spiritual being is as important as your physical self. i think that there are many paths one can take on this trip,though, and i certainly do not have all the answers there. i have friends with very different religions; i have always thought tolerance is best.

somehow this leads me back to the grateful dead song- every silver lining has a touch of grey. thanks, sweetie

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