Saturday, May 8, 2010

why i am writing this blog

i was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last month. what a shocker!! i have had thyroid disease for several years. i have thyroid nodules, and have had three biopsies. the third one was the charm-haha. they found the cancer and now have to remove all my thyroid, lymph nodes and probably lymph nodes in my neck. my surgery is scheduled for may 19th.this has been difficult for me to deal with, as well as for my family. i am trying my best to be positive and keep my sanity and my sense of humor intact. i will let you know about  how my surgery goes, my recovery, and post treatment issues.please let me know if you are dealing with similar issues, and i will try to share information as i get it.


  1. Wow. You are in my THOUGHTS and PRAYERS!

  2. I understand how you feel. I had my thyroid removed in June 2001 after discovering a nodule. There have been and continue to be many uphill battles with the loss of a thyroid. Glad I've found your blog.

  3. I was wondering what symptoms you had before you were diagnosed. I have Hashimoto's but have the last few months had coughing spells, my jaw is sore (doc said probably TMJ) but it comes and goes. Did you experience any of this before your diagnosis? I felt much better when I first started Synthroid but now after a year am starting to feel the same as before. Best of luck with your continued recovery.