Saturday, May 29, 2010

what did i expect???

 i have had a few bad days this week. i have had a fever of 100 degrees in the evenings. finally i called my doctor yesterday, and he said that a lot of people had fevers for several days after surgery. i did not know this. my usual temp runs about 97, so when it gets about this high, i feel bad. i am hoping this will stop soon. i take advil, and the fever usually goes away before morning, so i guess that is good.

my only two other experiences with surgery was when i had my kids. i had "repair work" after my first child,then a c-section with my second.of course i feel that these are "happy surgeries". i mean, you get a little bundle of joy after them,which makes everything worth it. and you are so happy i guess you don't notice the discomfort as much. the only joy associated with my thyroid surgery would be if the surgeon got all of the cancer. but of course i will not know that for sure for some time. after the radioactive iodine, and whole body scan. boy, am i in for some more fun this summer!lol

i promised myself that i would not whine on this blog. but i thought that i would be honest in how i am might be helpful to someone else who is going to have this done.all i heard from everyone, was "so and so had this surgery and they got along great!" i guess i am doing pretty well, but i sure have had some ups and downs. i normally am a pollyanna type of person.when i get knocked down, i get right back up. problem is, i am having some trouble getting back up this time. i think my body is pretty mad at me about now. " where is ms. thyroid? and why is she not taking care of us?" she flew the coup guys, and now we have to rely on modern medicine to get us through.i am sure that when i get my thyroid hormone regulated at a dose to suit my body, i will feel better.sometimes i wish that people could experience hypothroidism just for a day, say, and then they might understand things a little bit better.

o.k. i will get off of my soapbox now. and, also, i will take a little sharp white cheddar with my whine.i hope everyone has a wonderful memorial day weekend.

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  1. I hear you on this! I have had two c-sections. I remember waking up in recovery after my total thyroidectomy and feeling HORRIBLE! I was in SO much pain! The first words out of my mouth were about wanting to find every person who had told me this was the "good cancer" and an "easy surgery" and wanting to punch them in the face! I wasn't kidding either. I also said I felt like I had a c-section on my neck and that I'd much rather have had another c-section instead of this surgery!