Friday, May 28, 2010

i'm feeling a little "froggy" today

do you remember froggy from the little rascals? well, he and i talk alike now! i remember thinking that his voice was cute, however, i do not think the same thing about mine. i called my endocrinologist yesterday to try to schedule some blood work or something. there is an unwritten ( maybe not unwritten) law  that says that i can not see her until i have my last visit with my surgeon. the visit with my surgeon is scheduled for next tuesday. then, i am to call her office and they will schedule an office visit with her.

yesterday was probably the worst day i have had so far. well, the voice thing, but also i was really depressed and could not make myself move. my endocrinologist called me and doubled by levoxyl( thyroid supplement) dose. i started the new dose today, but i guess it will take a few days to get into my system. i am really glad that my doctor did this without having to do bloodwork, or see her first. she said that the increased dose would probably help my voice as well. ( i am not sure how that would work, but o.k.)

besides being froggy, i was also foggy yesterday. last evening, i was going to call my daughter. we talk almost every single day. well, i could not remember her phone number!! i was so upset. i mean, i called two other people my mistake ( they were very nice about it) and then i could not think of where to look for her number! finally i found it.i was thinking about my surgeon, what he said about my job. do you do heavy lifting? well, i may not do heavy lifting, but i sure need to be mentally sharp to do my job. hopefully he will consent for me to have some more time off. it is hard to describe, even to another health professional, what i do all day.i am not whining,but it is important that i am clear mentally, as well as being able to lift things.

i still have not heard from those other biopsies on my neck lymph nodes. i guess he will let me know on tuesday.i usually am impatient about news like that, but really i have had a lot to deal with lately, and it is fine with me to wait. i will consider no news good news for now.oh, and if i have to take an unpaid leave of absense, i  figured out what i can do for some short term income: i can do voice overs for froggy. who knew??

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