Thursday, May 13, 2010

" All systems are go!!"- 6 days until my surgery

 well, i went for my pre-surgery checkup yesterday. i was afraid that they were going to find something wrong that might stop or post pone the surgery, but everything seems fine. ( all i have is a really bad thyroid,lymph nodes) the hospital is very nice and the staff was great. the nurses were very friendly and told me exactly how my surgery would go- time wise. i feel pretty good about things.

i guess now i just need to keep my spirits up and be in a good frame of mind for the surgery. that is really all that i can do. thanks again to all the people who have said prayers for me and have sent good wishes my way. i really appreciate all of you.

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  1. hang in there Bea,u r one of the toughest women I know..Let me know if I can do anything for u,and thanks to the grateful dead....they rock!!