Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"i have to admit i'm getting better, a little better every day: ( the beatles- sort of)

i am feeling less like a transfer truck has run over me today! of course i feel better in the morning and early afternoon after i have had a good nights sleep. i use ice packs through out the day, and i take a big dose of advil at bedtime, but pain medicine makes me so sick that i stopped that in the hospital. my nurse was shocked. she went down the list of drugs that i could have for pain: how about dilaudid?morphine? percocet? vicodin? well,then how about DARVOCET!! i declined them all. she was not happy with me.but she did bring me an ice pack- it was refillable, so i guess it was more work for her. sorry:( 

i do admit that i take something for sleep. it relaxes me so that i can go on to sleep.i tend to rehash things at bedtime- what if this, what if that,etc,. useless stuff, really. this is silly, but i am dreading/looking forward to the "super glue" coming off of my neck! my surgeon said that it would come off ( he did not say how) after 5-7 days. it has been six days. i keep thinking about that ghost story about the woman with the black velvet ribbon around her neck. she told her sweetheart not to touch it, but of course he did, and her head rolled off!! hahahahaha. lets hope that does not happen to me.

also, i am going to wash my hair tomorrow! i do not think that ever in my whole life have i gone an entire week without washing my hair.( the surgeon said i could not get my neck wet) i love that girl on american idol- boy can she sing! but to be honest, my hair is beginning to look a whole lot like hers. she planned her look, though, and i did not.

i am beginning to think that i will not get any more health news from my doctors office ( specifically about the biopsies) until i go back to see him on june 1st. i guess no news is good news? anyway, thanks for reading this, and maybe i should plan on singing to my patients when i go back to work.or not.

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