Sunday, May 23, 2010

everyone came home.....

i am so lucky that everyone came home to see me. both of my children and their spouses. last night, they were all sitting on my bed and we were talking. i thought that no matter what happens in the future, i was just about the luckiest and happiest person out there.

wednesday, i have to go have my calcium level checked at my family doctors office. i am so black and blue, they will have no trouble seeing where not to stick. i just hope that they can find somewhere where i have not been stuck yet! my neck still hurts quite a bit, but i am using ice packs 24/7 and taking a pretty large dose of ibuprofen.that helps with the pain and swelling, but does not make me nauseous.i would recommend frequent ice packs to anyone having this surgery. they have helped me a lot-i use the gel, reusable ones.

i walked down the road, well, o.k. i guess i strolled slowly, down the road today. it was good to get outside a bit and i know it is good for me. sometimes i get discouraged by not being my old self, but i have to remember that it has only been a few days since the surgery. i have to have some patience with myself.

yesterday my niece got married. i was not able to attend, but my husband, son, and daughter-in-law was a very beautiful wedding they said. they honored my mother, who died from cancer last year, by having several displays of beautiful butterflies scattered around at the reception. my mom loved butterflies, so that was perfect. i read in one of my thyroid books, about a woman who bought a butterfly necklace to replace the butterfly( her thyroid) that she had lost.i think i will look for a necklace,too. for me and mom.

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