Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Watina. Sitina.Dimuretina tuma lugunema mua. Mahati ayudante lanugunina" Watina, by Andy Palacio

no, my fingers did not slip off of the keys! this is in a language called Garifuna, and is spoken in a coastal region of Belize. it is a  unique language, and nearly extinct. the CD is beautiful- i love the music. of course, i can not understand the lyrics. good thing the CD comes with translations. this song, in part, says: " Oh, God, please change my life this year. I ask you to change my life but please do not take it away. Please leave me here where I can be a bothersome spirit". Amen to that!

i found out about this CD because my son went  to  Belize a couple of years ago to help teach music to some very enthusiastic band members. i was in awe of him for going to tackle this mission, and he was in awe of the students and their parents.they love music there! every small village has a band- no sports teams, but community bands, comprised mostly of  teenagers. the mothers make the costumes, and everyone is so proud of these kids. they have a competition each year to see which town has the best band. the way i see it, everybody wins. my son had to learn to play every instrument as a music major, but he is a saxophone player extraordinaire!! they were so impressed that he could play the " Pink Panther".he almost got tired of playing it for the kids.

the thing that impressed me, was the hope that these band students had. they wanted so much to someday come to America, and play at a band competition. if i ever win the lottery, that is what i am going to do with the money- fly those kids up here to perform ! i also have to say my son said these students and their families were some of the nicest people that he has ever met. they took turns "feeding him supper", and really welcomed him into their community.

one of the most important words to me this year is the word "hope". i hope for better health and more time with my family and friends.those band students hoped for a wonderful band, but mostly i think, a chance for a better life. what do you hope for?

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