Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just a note, part two

well, the doctor did not call me back today, as promised. i can not truly celebrate this moment until i hear it all from the doctor, herself. i have had too many different opinions- remember i had four opinions on the lymph node pathology, until finally the radiologist told me the truth. i am not accusing anyone of deliberately lying to me, but i wish that they had had  all of the facts before they gave me an answer. that is why i am not getting too excited about the scrap of information the nurse told me yesterday. i want to hear it from my endo, and i am going to ask her questions, to make sure that she has received all of my test results. i also know that i will not really be able to consider myself a cancer survivor until i have had a few more "clean scans". here is a pet peeve of mine( besides being told thyroid cancer is the "good kind") i do not like the terminology "clean scan". does that mean that we somehow are considered dirty when we have cancer?? for my part, i think i will refer to the "clean scans" as happy scans. so hopefully i will get good news from my endo tomorrow( if not, i will start calling again until i reach her) and she will tell me that i got a "happy scan".

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