Tuesday, August 3, 2010

today is d day

i have started the process. the process of finding out about my test results, that is. i called the hospital where i had my chest x-ray, blood work, RAI, whole body scan,etc, and asked if they had faxed the results to my endo. they had the results( why could they not have told me something!!?? this is making me crazy- maybe crazier is  more correct) and they had faxed them to the wrong fax number! it was not their fault- my doctor has moved to a new office, and they had the old fax number. so i called my doctor's office, and got the new fax number. then i called the radiology department back, and gave them the new number. the receptionist at my endo's office told me that my doctor would call me with the test results. i am assuming that will be sometime today. i called my endo's nurse- she has her phone on voicemail always, and left a message. i am on pins and needles as they say. i will blog again today with my results. i know that the more important results will be my 6 months, and then after than, my year body scan. but it is important that i know if this cancer has moved to my lungs or bones( that is where the radiologist said that thyroid cancer is most prone to go- if you have it in your lymph nodes, as i did)

please keep your fingers crossed for me!!

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  1. I am going crazy waiting to hear from you. I don't know how you wait. This comment is from Penny who is technology challenged and can't figure out how to change the comment name from Liz!