Sunday, August 15, 2010

" Thank you for letting me be myself, again..." Sly and the family stone

my husband and i went to see the movie " Eat,Pray,Love" this weekend. i enjoyed it, he enjoyed parts of it. i think it is probably a" chick flick" as they say. i think that the main character, Liz, went  on search of herself, as well as trying to enjoy being herself and not someone whom  she thought she should be.sounds easy enough, doesn't it? just enjoy being yourself and accept yourself for who you are. i really love elderly people and young children. they are not pretentious, and they say what they mean, and mean what they say. this is a lesson i am learning- to accept myself, and to be happy with whatever each day brings me.i am a " type A" personality, a control freak, really. boy, when you have cancer,  control goes out the window!not that you should sit back and accept things that you know are not right of course, but there is only so much ( health wise) that is now under your control.

i went to church today, for the first time in several months. i did not want to go right after my surgery, it was the "scaring the children thing". and then of course, i did not want to literally " light the whole place up!" and i certainly had no intentions of asking anyone of childbearing age if they were pregnant! ( the last time i asked that it did not go so well!).so i waited until i was sure that i had cooled off sufficiently. it was good to see everyone again, and to thank everyone for saying so many prayers for me. i really do believe in the healing power of prayers. i was amazed at how kind people are about doing this.

one of my husbands coworkers told this story about her little girl. she is about 3 years old, and just as cute as she can be. her mother had to take her to their church for the "receiving" part of a funeral. now for those of you unfamiliar with a "receiving" it is a time before a funeral, where friends get to offer their condolences to the family of the deceased. i am not sure, but i think that this is a southern custom. anyway, as they were leaving the church, the little girl said at the top of her voice" Boy was that fun! i really had a good time!".her mother was pretty embarrassed,but the little girl had just said what she thought was appropriate to say at the conclusion of a good party. i thought it was great! i sure hope at my receiving ( much later on down the road of course!) that someone says they had a great time.see what i mean about children saying just what they think?

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