Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just a note.......

well, my doctor did not call me this morning, as planned. i called her nurse back ( got a voicemail) and asked them to PLEASE call me back with some information! late this afternoon, i'll admit i was on pins and needles the whole day- and shed a few tears- the nurse called me back. she said that the doctor had STILL not received the blood work ( maybe the third time will be the charm), and had not seen the chest x-ray, but that "what she had seen of the whole body scan, and this is not official(?)  looked good."
o.k., it is not what i had hoped for, but i will take it. i am cautiously optimistic, as they say. my endo is supposed to call me in the morning- hopefully she will. i am going to ask her some questions, and hopefully she will be able to go over everything with me. just as soon as i know, i will let everyone know. i really appreciate every one's concern and comments, prayers, and support. you just do not know how much it means to me!:) 

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  1. Praying for ya and sending love and hugs your way.